Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Vehicle 19 - DVD Review

          There was a movie that took place in a phone booth.  Then, there was a movie that took place in the trunk of a car.  In the case of Vehicle 19, this movie takes place in the car itself.  

         This movie takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Paul Walker plays Michael Woods, who was just released from prison and is going home.  He picks up a rental car which is vehicle 19 and drives to the embassy to meet his wife.  

          The plot device is that while he is driving to the embassy, he discovers that a woman is tied up in the trunk of his car and he doesn’t know why.  That only starts the tension of the movie since he finds out that this woman knows of corruption in the police department.  

           There is plenty of action and suspense in the movie along with car chases as you can imagine since this this movie takes place in vehicle 19.  Since Michael has discovered that he picked up the wrong car, his life is on the line as he decides if he is going to help the woman or not. 

            His goal is to get to a judge and give him a tape of the woman that Michael is riding with.  The tape has all the details of the corruption in the police department.  

            The battle between Woods and the corrupted police chief only heightens the tension through the telephone calls and the car chases.  There were times in the movie where I was on the edge of my seat wondering if Woods was going to see the judge.  

            The tension in the movie only builds further on the relationship between Michael and the woman..  He wants to do everything he can to help her although this was a difficult decision for Michael to make.  Fans of the movie The Gauntlet with Clint Eastwood should enjoy this movie also since the ending is similar in some ways.  

            This is one of Paul Walker’s better performances although it does not compare to The Fast and Furious movies.  If you’re fan of Walker and want to see one of his best movies, I would recommend Vehicle 19.  It’s worth five stars.     

Ron Hummer

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