Tuesday, May 6, 2014

King & Maxwell - TV Review

            This TV show opens where Sean King is chasing a bus that is being driven by someone who is wearing a costume of a beaver.  After a few blocks, the bus turns over and Sean is in pursuit of the beaver on foot.  Once they reach a government office, the beaver pulls a gun on Sean only to be saved by her partner who has a rifle on the beaver. 

              This is the new TNT series, King and Maxwell which I saw was on TNT.  Both King and Maxwell are former secret agents turned private detectives.  The series is based on five books from David Baldacci.  

               I didn’t read the books but this show seems like a hit.  It’s a good blend of comedy and action which seems to be a good formula for a successful TV series.  I like the chemistry between King and Maxwell as well. 

               In the first episode, a close friend of Sean King, played by Jon Tenney, has been murdered and the suspect is a serial killer who is autistic.  As the plot grows, it turns out that his last job was working for a defense contractor and there is a good chance that he was framed for the murder.  

                Rebecca Romjin plays Michelle Maxwell and in one scene she is going after a sniper by going through a window with a pillow in front of her.  In another scene, the duo are in a fight with two bodyguards.  

                It’s been a long time since there was a TV show based on private detectives.  Most crime dramas are based on police shows like CSI or Law and Order.  I think it’s good to go back to a show like this and see two private detectives solving crimes again.  I would give it five stars.  

Ron Hummer

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