Sunday, May 4, 2014

Safe Haven By Nicholas Sparks - Book Review

              I guess when you’re married like I am and you have two sisters who like Nicholas Sparks, it’s hard to avoid hearing about him. I decided to read Safe Haven though after seeing coming attractions to the movie. 

              I got the feeling from the coming attractions that Katie was in an abusive relationship before she met Alex. I am someone who has read non-fiction books like The Stalking of Kristen and still remember Galina Komar getting killed by her boyfriend at her job after Judge Duckman let him go saying give him his dog back and he’ll leave you alone. 

               I’m not sure much has changed since then and I still don’t think the courts take this very seriously but Nicholas Sparks does. He really did his homework and showed the he understands how awful this is for a woman to go through. People should read this book and really say to themselves that women should not have to go through this. 

               This book has over 6,000 reviews and most of them were in the range of 3-5.  The two stars were there but there weren't many, but the complaint was that this wasn't any different than the movie Sleeping With The Enemy with Julia Roberts.  

                Maybe you can say that the storyline that Sparks wrote was the same as the movie but remember that Anna Quindlen wrote a book called Black & Blue before all this.  This book focused on an abusive relationship with a woman and a policeman.  I haven't read the book yet but would like to. 

                My point is that I don't see the big deal that Sparks wrote Safe Haven.  Domestic Violence is an important issue and as far as I'm concerned, he gave a good story line and you were right there with Katie and her feelings about her past and her fear of her husband.  

                 With the tension of wondering if the relationship of Katie and Alex being able to work, I couldn’t put this book down. I can see why this gets a five star rating. I would give it one also. Great book. Hope the movie is just as good. 

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