Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ripper Street - BBC TV Review

            I had heard about this show through a story in the Washington Post about the fact that there are at least nine serial killing shows on TV now.  Not that I’m interested in those type of shows but I thought this would be a good change of pace for me since this show takes place six months after the last Jack The Ripper killing.  

            I probably misunderstood the article in the Post but I was very happy with what I saw.  The show opens with an underground fight club with Inspector Reid watching his man, Sergeant Bennett Drake as he is about to win the fight while people are screaming.   Things change when Drake is informed that another woman has been murdered.  

           The evidence seems to point to Jack The Ripper.  Since Reid is heads the Whitechapel H division, he is concerned since they have failed to capture Jack The Ripper in the past especially after the last murder took place at Whitechapel.   In addition, that’s where Captain Homer Jackson is introduced.  He’s a forensic specialist and a former detective for the Pinkerton Agency.  

            Things aren’t as they seem as Reid gets closer to the truth of the murder.  We see the introduction of pornography and snuff films coming into play and see that the woman is part of this as well.   I don’t mind putting my imagination at the door before seeing this since the movie camera came out later but it’s fun to see an early version just the same.  

            All in all, the investigation lead to a big scene where we found out who murdered the woman and for the moment, The Ripper was put to bed.  As Reid said to the people who planted evidence linking the murder to The Ripper, it’s time to move on.  I guess we’ll see how the show progresses.  

            To me, I guess you can say that Ripper Street is the Downtown Abbey show for men.  I really enjoyed it and I was glad that I caught the first episode.  I’ll be watching the series from here on in.  I think the show will get better and from what I heard, there will be a second season as well.  

Ron Hummer

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