Saturday, May 17, 2014

Chef - Movie Review

          If you’re deciding to see this movie, maybe the first thing that you should be aware of is that if you’re expecting to see a movie with all these stars, then I would say that you will be disappointed.   Yes, this movie has an all star cast but the people who were in the movie at least 90% of the time are John Favreau, John Leguizamo, and Emjay Anthony.  

          Farveau plays John Casper, a Chef, who works for a restaurant, is acclaimed as one of the best chefs in the country, and he’s about to be reviewed by a major food blogger.   Farveau wants to make a good impression and decides to put some additional dinners on the menu.   Of course, the owner of the restaurant, Riva, played by Dustin Hoffman, doesn’t agree and demands that the same food be served every night since the customers are used to it. 

           The blogger, Ramsey Michael, played by Oliver Platt, gives Casper an obnoxious  two star review.  Casper is very upset and through the power of twitter, words are exchanged which lead to some very funny moments and a rematch where Casper wants a chance to prove Michael wrong.  

             The restaurant is packed but Riva, playing the stupid obnoxious owner, refuses to let Casper have his way, telling him to cook the same food or leave the restaurant.  So, he leaves.   

            Much of the story from there is Farveau’s relationship with his son, Percy, played by Emjay Anthony, along with Farveau’s plan to buy a food truck.  More hilarious moments are shared when Robert Downey Jr appears his only scene, playing an ex-husband to Sofia Vegara, which was funny since Vegara is Casper’s ex-wife as well.  

             Leguizamo is great in his role as Casper’s partner in the truck serving food to the customers and I really enjoyed how Percey used twitter to bring in all the customers as the three of them went on a road trip from Miami all the way back to Los Angeles in the food truck.   

              Vegara, who plays Inez, an event planner, and Casper’s ex- wife, does a great job in her performance even though you only see her for a few scenes.  Her role is still larger than the other actors and other actresses and it’s good to see that she’s getting away from her character on Modern Family and being in a more realistic portrayal, playing a bright, intelligent woman who had some hilarious scenes in the movie as well. 

               The story is a good one and by the time the movie was over, people in the audience were clapping, which doesn’t happen very often.   I joined the audience and felt that this movie was worthy of more than five stars.   

Ron Hummer 

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