Sunday, May 11, 2014

Homefront - DVD Review

         This movie is actually based on a series of books that were written by Chuck Logan.   Homefront is the latest book in the series, that being the 6th book.    

         In this movie, Jason Statham plays Phil Broker, a DEA agent and a marine intelligence officer.    He just managed to inflitrate a motorcycle gang that makes the Sons of Anarchy look like flowerchildren.  After he exposes them to the police, the leader of the gang vows revenge.  

          Broker leaves the DEA and decides to live on his own with his 10 year old daughter in Louisana.   It doesn’t take long for his daughter to meet up with a bully about her age.  The boy shoves her to the ground and takes her hat after several warnings to leave her alone.   Seeing that she has no choice, she shows some of her martial arts skills and beats up the bully, leaving him with a bloody nose. 

           The mother of the boy is outraged.  That seems unbelievable seeing that her son has picked a fight with a girl.  In any case, she is a meth head and she wants her brothers and friends to exact revenge on Phil Broker.  

            As usual, Statham is back with a lot of martial arts scenes.  The fights are visious at times and since he isn’t a superhero, there are times when the tension increases when he is knocked out from behind during a crucial fight.  

            All this leads to battles with a druglord and the motorcycle gang again.  The ending was a surprise in any case and being that I am a Jason Statham fan, I was on the edge of my seat enjoying the martial arts battles.  

            Being that he lived in Lousiana in a home that was remote from other people, that also made the story scary especially when anyone can just break into his home.  I was surprised to see some good performances from Winona Ryder and James Franco as the ruthless drug dealers also.  

            All in all, I enjoyed the movie even with the faulty premise of the boy bullying Statham’s daughter and the mother complaining about her.  It’s one of Statham’s better movies and I have no problem giving it four stars.  

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