Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stash House - DVD Review

             The movie opens with a man going into church asking to make a donation.   Before the father accepts, the man shoots him.  

             From there, the scene switches to David and Emma Nash.  David just bought a house in the neighborhood.  They’re looking at all the security cameras and David is excited about living in the house.  Emma doesn't like the house.   

              The plot thickens when David and Emma discover that there are drugs hidden in the wall.  Before they are able to call the police, then are cornered by a man who they thought was a policeman.  Once he saw that they found the drugs, he tries to kill them. 

               If you’re a fan of the Panic Room with Jodie Foster, then you would like this movie since David & Emma discover that they are in a fortress.  The house has security cameras and bulletproof windows.  They could only sit and watch and hope that the two men who are after them - Ray Jaffe who plays Esposito on Castle  and Dolph Lundgren.  

               Once David and Emma are trapped in the house, the plot and suspense picks up.  The tension is based on how Ray and Andy Spector will get into the house.  David and Emma only want to get out of the house alive and even offer to give the drugs back to the men.  Then it dawns on David and Emma that Ray Jaffe and Andy Spector are after something more important in the house. 

                Dolph Lundgren is at his best in this one playing a psychopathic killer along with Ray Jaffe.  I was rooting for David and Emma to get out of the house in one piece but somehow you had the feeling that Ray and Andy would be successful. 

                Maybe the only thing that bothered me was that someone was inside the house.  Evidently, he was the man that Andy and Ray were looking for.  I didn’t follow that and you had to wonder how the man was able to be in the house by himself in a small hole.  How did this man remain alive?  

                In the end, Dolph raised the movie to the highest plateau when it came to suspense.  The tension built even more as I wondered if he was going to get away with everything he die in the home. 

                It’s not a five star movie for me but I thought the movie had a tremendous amount of suspense.  It’s been a long time since Lundgren was in a good movie when he played a role as a bad guy, someone who was very scary.  His performance along with the plot made me feel that the movie deserves four stars.  

Ron Hummer 

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