Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Castle - TV Review

          I was really enjoying the last episode of Castle.  I thought that in many ways, we had Elmore Leonard writing this one.  Kate not being able to get married because she married someone else when she was much younger and didn’t know the wedding was for real in Las Vegas. 

          The boyfriend seemed like a character in an Elmore Leonard novel.  He was blackmailing a priest because he stole the phone of a stripper who took pictures of her having sex with the priest.  In addition. there was a motorcycle gang after him for their money as well. 

          As far as the end goes, I was surprised.  More importantly, I didn’t see a point to having a cliffhanger where we don’t know what is going to happen to Castle after his car accident.  

         Castle has a loyal audience and I thought that it was great to see Kate solve the murder of her mother and put the Senator away in jail once and for all.  The action was intense, especially when she was captured.  

          If anything the so-called murder of Castle’s theme didn’t seem much different compared to The Glades where the detective gets shot before his wedding during the last scene of the show.  Hearing that this wasn’t that much different from Downtown Abbey only makes me wonder what the producers of the show were thinking. 

           Castle is one of my favorite shows and I felt that the audience is there and since there were other shows that had no cliffhanger.  You can look at Bones where the main characters got married, or Elementary, or The Mentalist.  All three of these shows have a good strong lead detective in the show. 

            If anything, I hope there would be much of a mystery to Castle.  I hope that this mystery will be solved soon so the show can continue to gain a better audience on the mysteries each week. 

Ron Hummer

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