Monday, May 19, 2014

24 - TV Review

           Just when you thought that 24 was finally over and Keifer Sutherland was retired from the role, 24 return after several years of hiatus.  I think it’s more than obvious as to the reasons why the show is back. 

            Yes, it was a hit and Fox needs a hit considering that the only shows that have been successful for them are Bones, Almost Human and The Following.   Fox also seemed to have high hopes on Touch doing well but this wasn’t a show for Sutherland or any other actor for that matter. 

             The pressure on TV shows is tremendous.   It has to be instant high ratings or the show is finished.  Yes, Fringe was a great show for many years on Fox but I felt that they gave up on some other good shows such as The Finder and Tru Calling.   

             Bringing back this show is a risk because fans of 24 that are like me have some great memories of it.  If the show flops, then the ratings go down and Sutherland doesn’t get to leave the series on top.  

              Based on the first two episodes, I don’t think that’s going to happen.   So far, the show hasn’t been predictable as we see Jack break Chloe out of the laboratory and create an explosion that helps him escape.  Then he’s on a chase with her to stop a programmer from controlling drone planes.  

               I kind of wonder if the appeal of having another series with terrorists will work for another 24 episodes.   We already had a nuclear disaster in a previous series of 24.  What else can be done to top that? 

                As far as the characters go, Chloe’s character seems on edge which might make the show interesting but having the President lose his memory.  Then there is Jack’s ex-girlfriend back in the picture again and her husband wants to make the effort to keep them apart.  
                I’m rooting for another great 24 hours on 24.  So far, it’s worth five stars.  

Ron Hummer 

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