Friday, May 23, 2014

Odd Thomas - Netflix Instant Review

           Odd Thomas is supposed to be a short order cook in a town in California town but he is a lot more than that.  He is clairvoyant and has special gifts such as seeing dead people and dark forces called the Bodachs.

           The dead people lead him in solving mysteries as to how they died and finding their killer which Thomas does in the beginning when he takes on Harlow.  He is chasing him through town which leads to a fight at a party.  

            The police chief, played by William Dafoe, the only big name in this movie, knows of Thomas’s gifts so when he, along with Thomas’s girlfriend Stormy, tells him that dark forces are about to come to the town and all hell will break loose on August 15, the chief takes him seriously and gets prepared. 

             The movie moved on the action with a good blend of comedy as Thomas drew closer to very suspicious characters.  There were some scenes that would make me turn away but it was worth it to see the movie.  Since there was a good story line as well, being the mystery of what was going to happen on August 15, I would say that the movie was extremely unpredictable, right down to the end, making this a tense thriller. 

              In addition, since you could say that Thomas’s power was paranormal, there were some scenes where I nearly jumped out of my seat.  I would usually expect that in a horror movie but that’s how evil and unpredictable the bad guys were in the movie.  

             This was my introduction to Dean Koontz.  If you’re a fan of fantasy books like this, then I would say that Koontz ranks up there at the top of his rivals.  

              If anything, I’ll start reading this series by Dean Koontz.  I really enjoyed the movie and it’s a great introduction to his work.   I would say that this movie is worth more than five stars. 

Ron Hummer

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