Thursday, May 1, 2014

Redemption - Netflix Instant Movie Review

          I saw Jason Statham’s new movie Redemption.  After reading the preview, you couldn’t help but think that it is much different than the movie.   

           Yes, Jason Statham, who plays Joey, a man on the run from the military after he left Afghanistan.  Evidently, he wants redemption from something that happened over there.  

            In any case, Joey is a homeless man and he and his girlfriend and a group of homeless men and women are attacked by two men.  Joey’s girlfriend gets away and Joey fights off the two men, runs away, then somehow stumbles into an apartment from the roof.  The news only gets better when he finds out that the owner of the apartment will be away for a few months.  

             It might have been nice if the tension was built here to see how long Statham could stay in this apartment but other than one couple coming to the door and asking him who he was, it seemed believable that Joey could stay in the apartment for over six months without any questions.  His answer to the couple is that he is the ex-boyfriend of the owner of the apartment and a model and needs to get his life straightened out again.  The couple buys this explanation and nothing else is said. 

            Joey is looking for work now and somehow, he’ll turn to a life of crime by becoming a driver.  Yes, he’s running drugs and putting money away in his refrigerator but he’s also helping homeless people who are on line for food by giving them pizza.  In addition, he wants to find out where his girlfriend is and a Nun tells him that she was murdered.  Later we’ll find that Joey and the Nun will fall in love.  

             The plot will also have Joey looking for a man who murdered his girlfriend.  Evidently, he’s a pretty vicious character and he has a reputation of beating up prostitutes.  Joey’s investigation will be pretty easy especially since he has a great description - a man with a scar.  

             With an awful plot like this, I wouldn’t expect that Statham could save this movie.  I haven’t seen all of Jason Statham’s movies and I wish I didn’t see this one either.  It gets one star from me.  

Ron Hummer

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