Friday, May 9, 2014

Here She Lies By Katia Lief - Book Review

       The story opens with Annie Milliken leaving her husband because she thought that she was having an affair.  Taking her daughter, Lexy, with her, she decides to go live with Julie, her twin sister.  From there, a woman named Zara Moklas was murdered who may lave looked like her, followed by Annie being the victim of identity theft. 

        Aa far as the book was concerned, it took well over 100 pages for any kind of plot to build up.   At that point, that’s when Annie discovered that she was the victim of identity theft. 

        If there was a mystery, it would be why was Zara murdered in the first place,  I couldn’t figure it out.  There seemed to be no explanation for this.  

         As far as the preview in the book is concerned, it’s misleading.  Yes, Annie is the victim of identity theft and Julie, her twin sister, disappears with the baby.  Now Annie is going to fight for what is hers.   That part really didn’t come out in the book.   

         The characters were not memorable but that was because the author didn’t reveal anyting about the characters through Annie’s inner thought or actions or their dialog.  If you had an idea that Julie was a scary character for example, then maybe that would have built up the tension when she disappeared with Lexy.  Yet I never knew what kind of character she was.  

          Yes, you could say that Bobby may have had an affair but even with that action, you didn’t really know if he had an affair and if anything, all you saw was that he was devoted to Annie.  

           As a result, I thought that this book was boring.  And by the time I reached the end of the book, I thought that while it may have been a surprise, it left me feeling that the story was flat, along with the characters.  

           Here She Lies could not hold a candle to any book that Lisa Gardner has written.   I was disappointed and can only give this book two stars.          

Ron Hummer 

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