Friday, May 2, 2014

Braquo - TV Review - Hulu

         I’ve never been a big fan of police corruption movies and TV shows  because I don’t like the idea that we should picture them that way.  I had tried reaching Joseph Wambaugh’s book The Glitter Dome but couldn’t get halfway through that.  I’m not a big fan of James Ellroy either.  

        Since then, I have watched The Shield.  I thought Michael Chiklis was great but still, the show disturbed me.  I kept up with it until the end but didn’t think it was that great.

I’m not sure how I feel about Braquo.  It may not be the best of the three but I don’t mind watching it as much since it takes place in France.  it doesn’t make me feel better that the show was written by a former cop named Oliver Marchal. 

        The show opens when one of the cops, Max is questioning a man who gang raped a pregnant women and killed her.  He’s naked in the scene although you only see the back of his body from the back up.  He’s laughing during the questioning so Max stick a pen in his eye and he falls to the ground.  You never see the pen go into his eye. 

          Max is brought into Internal Affairs for this and his boss, Eddy Caplan isn’t happy about this.  He and three other cops questioned a drug dealer after catching him at the end of an S&M scene.  

          Once you get past that, the show focuses on Eddy and his four cops and how they want to make sure that Max gets freed from jail.  Unfortunately, Max commits suicide and his wife won’t get her pension because Max is disgraced because of false charges that the man that Max questioned had filed.  

           Of course, the rest of the TV show focuses on Eddy and his partners in crime and corruption.  The characters keep the show going and it does have suspense. 

            This show is a big hit in France.  I’d like to keep an aye on it.  I would give it three stars.  

Ron Hummer 

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