Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Man Called God - South Korean Drama Review

            This was a South Korean series that had 24 episodes back in 2010 that is still on Hulu.   It’s considered an action romance drama based on the comic book of the same name by Park Bong-Seong.  

          Michael King is played by Choi Kang-ta.   He’s a business man who is also considered a super agent with martial arts skills.   Now that he is a millionaire, he has vowed revenge against a group of men that murdered his mother and father when he was much younger.  

           The men include people from the government as well as men from the police who are also working with a corrupt businessman.  King also has a partner in a woman named Vivian as well as a computer expert.  

            The drama moves along with a lot of twists and turns based on martial arts fights where King is matched up against a group of opponents who he seems to take out with ease.  At the same time, these men are plotting to kill him and go after the people that he loves as well.   

             If I had one complaint about this series, it was that many of the characters seemed dumb.  That had a comic effect sometimes in the show but there were other times where it was just very annoying.  There was the daughter of the business man who was compared with Paris Hilton but she spent much of the show whining and pining for Michael to return to her.  

             Michael was also spending time protecting a reporter who wanted to get to the bottom of his story and the death of his parents.  The corrupt people in the government and the police would go after her as well. 

            There were times that I would watch two or even three episodes at a time.   The drama is fast paced and there were times when I wondered if MIchael would get out of his problems in one piece. 

             A Man Called God was riveting at times with a lot of twists and turns but there were times where the characters made me feel like someone putting their nails to a chalkboard.  It wasn’t so much that they were evil but they were dumb, bringing the rating down to me to four stars.  

Ron Hummer 

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