Saturday, May 10, 2014

Orphan Black - BBC TV Review

            The show starts with Sarah Manning seeing a Elizabeth Childs, a woman that looks just like her jump in front of a train.  Being the hustler that she is, Sarah looks to steal this woman’s identity after the woman commits suicide.  

            This seems convenient to me but the story is intriguing enough  as we watch Sarah take over this woman’s identity .  Then Sarah finds out that this woman was a police officer.  Sarah is more interested in the $75,000 that is in her bank account through as well as Elizabeth’s boyfriend, who broke up with her.  

          I like the way Sarah is fumbling around the precinct and her partner is suspicious of her.  Then again, Elizabeth’s ex-boyfriend is also getting suspicious of Sarah as well for the same reasons.  

          If that isn’t enough, Sarah is trying to get away from her ex-drug dealing boyfriend and stealing Elizabeth’s identity seems like a great way to do it.   Yet Sarah has to be careful since she has a daughter that is living with a foster parent. 

           Now that I’ve watched five episodes of Orphan Black, I can see how the story has moved to these woman who are clones and it makes me wonder where the story is going from here.  What makes this more spellbinding is that one of the clones is trying to kill the others as well as Sarah.  

            Part of the reason I like this concept was because I enjoyed two movies that plots about clones.  Those movies were The Boys From Brazil and The 6th Day.  

            I like the way the plot of this show has moved around Sarah.  You don’t know what she is going to do next to get out of the trouble that she seems to get herself into throughout the show. 

          It’s hard for me to give this show five stars though because I thought that the beginning was too convenient.  I think that the cast that is around Sarah is weak but she keeps the show moving well enough that I can give this show four stars and will be anxious to see how season one ends.  

Ron Hummer

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