Monday, May 19, 2014

NCIS LA - TV Review

          The finale of NCIS LA puts Sam and G on a submarine.  They’re trapped by three men with guns and we’re left wondering what is going to happen to them.  I happen to like this finale better than seeing Sam and Deeks tortured in the previous finale of the show. 

           Then there is Hetti leaving the office and we’re left wondering if she is going to be fired over the White Ghost incident.   I’m not sure exactly what Kensi did wrong but I guess that will have to wait until next season. 

            I really felt that NCIS LA has evolved after their first season.   The cast is really solid now and funnier than ever with some great lines between all the characters.  

            I’m not one to check the ratings but as far as I’m concerned, this show has surpassed NCIS.  I stopped watching NCIS when Ziva left the show but even before that, the show seemed to struggle and the one liners just didn’t seem to be there.  Ziva’s replacement didn’t do anything to make the show better either. 

             To me, in NCIS LA, the shows have been more memorable.  One show that stood out was where Sam and G were protecting a Senator’s daughter from terrorists and they weren’t able to communicate with the team.  That show, along with many of the others was fast paced with more action than I ever saw in NCIS.  

             If there is one complaint I have about the show, it would be the character of Owen Granger.   Miguel Ferrer had a great character in Crossing Jordan and it seems that since he joined the NCIS LA crew, he’s just being the same character that he was in Crossing Jordan.  It just doesn’t work in this show for me. 

            What really surprised me is that CBS will now spin another NCIS series now called NCIS New Orleans and the star will be Scott Backula, who starred in one of my all time favorite shows called Quantum Leap.  Maybe CBS likes him because of his age and the fact that he could be another Mark Harmon.   We’ll have to see if that is the case.  

             As far as NCIS LA is concerned, it’s worth more than five stars for me.  Looking forward to next season. 
Ron Hummer

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