Thursday, May 15, 2014

Friends With Better Lives - TV Sitcom Review

           This is the show that took over for How I Met Your Mother and there are many reasons why this is a great show.  The show his young, hip people who are friends just like they are on How I Met Your Mother.  

           It’s shows like these that blend great comedy from other great shows like Friends and Coupling.  I would say that Friends With Better Lives seem to have the same parallels although even in How I Met Your Mother, they all meet somewhere - whether it’s a bar or a coffee shop - and talk about any kind of subject whether it’s sex or one of the friends borrowing a coat from another.  

            Part of me seems to feel that shows like this have been recycled over and over again but somehow, the story is the same and it’s that formula that makes this show a hit.  I can go all the way back to Seinfeld and more recently, Rules Of Engagement for more examples.  

            The show focuses on six different people, including one of my favorites, Kevin Connelly from Entourage.  And like the other shows, the conversations take place in Connelly’s home or in a coffee shop.  Of course, Kate has a strong role as well on the show, especially when she sleeps with a male prostitute.  I thought her character seems to make the show even better when she’s on there since she seems like an obnoxious person which drives the show along even more. 

             Then you have the goofy antics of Will, who can’t get over his divorce and finds himself entangled in problems such as being tied up in bed with Christmas Lighting.  Then there was Connelly who said that he would drive the rats out of his home but created a big hole in the ceiling instead.  

              This is where the show works well which is much different than Friends and Coupling.  There are times that there are some fun conversation in the coffee shop but in general, the characters drive the show in their own way and produce a lot of laughs in the process. 

               Even though this show seems to be recycled from other hits, I still enjoy Friends With Better Lives and I’m happy to give it Five Stars 

Ron Hummer 

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