Friday, May 9, 2014

Prisoners - DVD Review

        Prisoners is a disturbing portrayal about two children being abducted in a small town.   The movie focuses on the detective who wants to find the children and a father who decides to take the law into his own hands.   

        Detective Loki is played by Jake Gyllenhall.  During his investigation, he finds out that the children were playing near an RV and the driver is brought in for questioning after he tries to drive away from the police when they question him.  

         After the suspect is released, the father, Kelly Dover, who is played by Hugh Jackman, decides to go after the suspect and question him on his own, getting to the point where he kidnaps the man and keeps him imprisoned in an abondoned building until he says where his daughter is. 

         Of course, to make this more of a mystery, Loki has other suspects, which makes us wonder if Dover has the right man in the buidling.  Dover refuses to beileve that his suspect is innoncent and will make every effort to make sure that he gets the answers that he needs.  

         This was the kind of story where there weren’t any clues that led to the answers for the detective.  Much of his investigation is based on luck, which included someone coming to a vigil for the girls and leaving one of their toys there before running away. 

         The movie is gripping at times but there were other times that I could cringe and turn away.  Dover was a very edgy and flawed character and you wonderend what he would do if the suspect could be innocent.  I would say that there were some brutal scenes that Dover was involved with but the movie held back anything that would be considered too brutal since we never saw most of the scenes and were forced to use our imagination.  

           If there were clues that led to the children being found, then I probably would have enjoyed this movie.  That wasn’t the case here and maybe that seems realistic but  it seemed like the writer of the movie only wanted to make a connection in the end that didn’t make much sense regarding the childrens disappearence.  

            The movie was not predictable by any means and there were twists and turns but there were too many disturbing moments in the movie that I could only give it three stars.  

Ron Hummer 

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