Monday, May 12, 2014

Hawaii FIve-O - TV Review

             The big season finale with no cliffhanger.    Yes, Captain Grover has been asked to come on board and join the team.  Depending on what happens next season, it seems to me that Hawaii Five O will rely on two story lines coming into next season. 

             The first is the obvious one - the return of Wo Fat.  It seems kind of tiring to bring him back on the show again.  Kind of like the Mentalist milking Red John.  To me, the producers don’t have to rely on Wu Fat.  Let the show be on it’s own each week and bring in a new heel.  

              The other story line seems more interesting.  Catherine Rollins on her own mission in Afganistan to save the son of a family that helped her when she needed them the most.  This could be long and drawn out, making the audience wonder if she’s going to come back or be captured by the Taliban.  It’s not impossible to picture that happening since that did happen to McGarrett.   

               I thought that Catherine had some great performances in the show, especially the two fight scenes where she squared off against other guys.  She handled herself well, especially in that battle in the bathroom with a gangster from the Yakuza.   It would be sad to see her off the show especially with her romance with McGarrett.  

                It seemed to me in the last episode that McGarrett wasn’t too worred about his girlfriend being in Afganistan.   Hell, he should be, no matter how long she was in the navy.  Yes, you can say she was trained for missions like the one in Afganistan but it doesn’t seem believable to me that McGarrett isn’t that worried considering that he thought his former friend may get back together with her in an earlier episode. 

                 For a show that lost it’s spot to Hostages and then Intelligence, I still think it’s one of the best shows on CBS.  Great action and suspence and humor blended in like classic CBS shows like NCIS and NCIS LA.   I kind of wonder if we’ll see the gang from NCIS LA go into Afganistan to rescure Catherine Rollins. 

                 In any case, I have really enjoyed this show and look forward to another season.  It earns another five stars from me.  

Ron Hummer 

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