Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Once Were Cops By Ken Bruen - Book Review

            Much of the story is based on two characters - Michael O’Shea and a cop nicknamed Kebar. O’Shea was part of an exchange program in Ireland to come to the US. His partner is Kebar, a named he developed because of his use of a short metal stick. 

          The conflict comes out when O’Shea finds out that Kebar is on the take with the mob. O’Shea doesn’t want to be dragged into it even though the mob would like to have him. Instead, he works a desk job for a few weeks. 

           In Kebar’s case, he’s on the take because he wants to make sure his sister is taken care of in a assisted living home. Things would change when Kebar’s sister is brutally beaten and raped. This would turn him against the mob. 

            The viewpoint switches back and fourth for a time, then the story is focused on O’Shea. The plot would only thicken when O’Shea would meet a woman and fall for her. 

             I wasn’t very impressed with the book. I was underwhelmed by the story and thought the ending was anticlimactic. The characters were intriguing but I didn’t get a lot out of a story where the cop is on the take. 

             I’m still very interested in reading the Jack Taylor series but there wasn’t much of a story here. That’s the reason this isn’t much of a review. I can’t give this book more than two stars. 

Ron Hummer 

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