Saturday, May 3, 2014

Deception - DVD Review

           In this movie, Ewan McGregor plays Jonathan McQuarry, an employee of the IRS who audits companies.   In Deception, he’s working in a law firm independently when he meets Hugh Jackman, who plays Wyatt Bose.  Ewan thinks he’s a lawyer in the firm and they decide to have lunch as the start of a friendship after spending some time smoking pot.        

           During their lunch, Wyatt switches cell phones on MacGregor and the next thing he knows, he’s getting a phone call from a woman to meet him at a hotel.  This will happen over the next few days while Wyatt is away in London.  

            Jonathan learns that he is suddenly part of a sex club and he’s really enjoying it.  Then he meets one woman who he sees at a subway station a few days ago and was attracted to her then.  That night, instead of having sex, Jonathan is more interested in starting a relationship with her.

            It’s tough for me to buy into the idea of a sex club but it didn’t bring the movie down for me since there was a bigger plot involved between Jonathan and Wyatt.  The plot was full of surprises and twists and turns where you didn’t know what was going to happen to Jonathan next.  

            The tension was there for me throughout this movie and it was fast paced.  I would also warn people reading the preview on the Internet that the plot there is misleading when you watch this movie. 

            MacGregor and Jackman’s performances are great.  Maggie Q of Nikkita has a small in the movie as well when she warns Jonathan about Wyatt.  

            As a character, McQuarry seems to lead the dull life of an IRS agent who has trouble meeting woman and the sex club seems to make him into a different character by the end of the movie.  Wyatt brings out the worst of McQuarry as well as the movie develops further.  

            Again, I thought the plot device of the sex club was difficult to buy into.  Still, there is enough suspense in the movie to keep this at four stars.  

Ron Hummer 

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