Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Too Late For Tears - Film Noir Review

            As the preview pointed out, through a fluke circumstance, a ruthless woman stumbles across a suitcase filled with $60,000, and she is determined to hold on to it.  

            What is the fluke circumstance?  Jane Palmer and Alan Palmer are driving one night and as they pass a car coming towards them in the opposite direction, a bag is thrown into their car.  They pull over and see that the bag contains $60,000.  

             Yes, this is the fluke circumstance.  The person had thrown the money into the wrong car.  There was another car coming and that’s where the bag was supposed to be.   You think it would be so hard just to say that they could have found the money while walking through a park.  At least the plot in Bruno Fischer’s last book, Evil Days, had the protagonist finding a bag of jewels in the train station. 

               It is interesting though when you see that the screenplay was adapted from Roy Huggins and he went on to be involved in creating many movies and TV shows.  Those shows include The Rockford Files, The Fugitive - the series with David Jansen -, Baretta, and Hunter with Fred Dryer.  

               If you can get past the fluke circumstance, you would find that the rest of the movie actually had a good plot.  The ruthless woman, Jane Palmer, would do anything to keep the $60,000 even though her husband said that he wanted to turn the money in to the police.  Jane would be come so desperate that she would kill her husband only to have trouble locating the ticket to a storage locker where the bag of money was.  

             This was a great plot device and add two characters to the plot -   Danny Fuller, the person who was supposed to get the money; and Don Blake, a man who seems to know a lot about Jane Palmer.   People might remember Don Blake - who is played by Don Defore  - as George Baxter,  the corporate lawyer in the TV show Hazel.  

             In any case, although there was another scene that seemed flawed, you could say that there was a lot of suspense.   Jane Palmer seemed like an unstable character and people will hope that she won’t get away with the money.  I would give this movie three stars.  

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