Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Suddenly - Film Noir Review

         This movie was made in 1954 in the post war era in the fictional town of Suddenly.  During the day, the President of the United States is arriving and the security team is getting prepared to make sure that nothing is going to happen.  

          Frank Sinatra plays John Baron, a ruthless assassin and washed up war hero that won the Silver Star.  He is being paid to assassinate the President of the United States.  Since the President is going to arrive at a train station in the town of Suddenly, Baron, along with two other men, take over a house on the hill from a family that lives there.  

           The family that lives in the house is the Benson family.  Peter Pop Benson who’s son died during WWII  The wife of his son and his grandson live in the house as well.  The window in front of the house has the perfect view of the front of the station for an assassin like Baron.  

           Being that the movie was an hour and 15 minutes, it was a thriller from the beginning to the end.  The movie keeps going  from the beginning when the Baron and his crew kill one man and wound the sheriff during a chilling scene.  After that, Baron and his men set up the rifle on a table and wait for the President’s train to arrive. 

            Much of the movie has Baron talking about his Silver Star medal and the 27 men he killed in battle.  He’s the darkest character in the movie since the others are reluctant to go along with the assassination since Baron is going to kill the President. 

           The movie was full of suspense with several shoot outs with the gang and the police and the CIA.  It wraps up nicely at the end as the family decides to take matters into their own hands.  

            Part of the suspense of the movie is that it is unpredictable and SInatra’s character makes you wonder what is going to happen next.  One of the better Noir movies that I have seen and I have no problem giving it five stars.  

Ron Hummer

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