Friday, April 18, 2014

Messenger of Death - Netflix Instant Review Blast from the Past

         This movie is supposed to be based on a series of books by Rex Burns although when you look at the book on Kindle, it’s only 24 pages.  The name of the book is Avenging Angel. The movie takes place in 1988.  In any case, the book doesn’t seem to have much to do with the movie. 

           In the book, homicide detectives are supposed to solve a murder which takes place in Colorado.   In the beginning, two men drive up to a Mormon family and one of them kills the family and the children.  While we see three women get shot, the five children are locked away in a room and we only see the gunman shoot the children from outside the room.  

            Charles Bronson plays Garret Smith, a reporter for the Denver Tribune.  He takes matters into his own hands and tries to solve the murder.  The reason the police don’t want to solve it is because it seems to be a fight between three brothers who are accusing each other of murdering their family.  Later, there would be a shoot out that would be sparked further by the men that killed the family. 

             Not much of a plot her as Bronson tracks down the murderer.  You don’t thing his life will be in any danger since he’s able to handle himself against anyone throughout the movie.  The movie moves at a slow pace and while the ending will have Bronson bring the killer and the man who paid him to justice, there didn’t seem to be much of a challenge in him doing that although people may be surprised by the person who paid the man to do it.  The reason: you really didn’t know until the end why this person paid him because that was not part of the movie in the end. 

            Since that didn’t seem to play fair with the audience, I have to say that this wasn’t much of a movie.  I like Charles Bronson and he’s been in some great movies such as Death Wish. Mr. Majestic, Breakout, and Hard Times, just to name a few.  This movie wasn’t a good one for Netflix Instant. Awful movie.   I’ll give it two stars.

Ron Hummer

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