Monday, April 28, 2014

Almost Human - Science Fiction TV Review

      Can we say that Fox is the best when it comes to science fiction shows?  First, there was the X-Files.  Then there was Fringe.  Now, the new hit, Almost Human. 

      Yes, there seems to be a relationship with movies in the 80’s like Robocop and Blade Runner.   Will that help it in gaining a huge audience?  

      The year is 2048.  As far as law enforcement is concerned, every cop that is human must be teamed up with an Android.  John Kennex doesn’t like Androids for partners because he feels that his last partner, who was an Android, was responsible for losing his leg.  

      What can you say about the lead character, Karl Urban.  He plays John Kennex and he is awake after a 17 year long coma coming from a brutal attack.  He has an ex girlfriend that hie doesn’t trust now.  Then there is his synthetic leg.  

      John’s new partner is a robot.  They didn’t hit it off because the partner said that he would report John for doing something wrong.  What does John do?  First chance he gets, he throws his partner out into traffic and the guy is flattened like a pancake. 

       Then there is the other lead character, Android Dorian, played by Michael Ealy.  There are times during the show that Dorian seems more human than John.  One scene was when John stabbed himself in his synthetic leg in order to impress some children but all he did was scare them way, only to get a tongue lashing from Dorian. 

        The bigger question after the first two episodes is whether John can trust Dorian, especially now that John found that his ex-girlfriend was behind his accident.  It seems like a good relationship even though Dorian may seem more human than John. 

         In the first episode, John and Dorian are battling the InSyndicate.  They have a weapon that can disable Androids.  As John and Dorian fight them off, Dorian helps John remember that night before he lost his leg and went into a coma.  

         In the second episode,  John and Dorian are involved in a missing persons case that involves robots.   Kennex will continue to deal with his troubled past while Dorian will continue to deal with the premise that he may have some human qualities.  This of course will be a problem since he sees that another robot needed to be destroyed because it possessed human qualities.  

           The show has has stiff competition from The Blacklist, The Voice, and Dancing With The Stars.  I can see this show coming through though and hopefully coming back next season.  I thought that all the episodes were great and enjoyed the relationship between John and Dorian.  

           To me, Almost Human deserves more than five stars.  One of the best shows on Fox besides Bones.  

Ron Hummer 

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