Sunday, April 6, 2014

Invisible Prey by John Sanford - Book Review

          I try to read at least 2-3 John Sanford books a year so in this case, this will be my first book, Invisible Prey, which is number 17 in the series. Like the others, Lucas Davenport is back investigating another murder. 

What makes Sanford different from the other mystery writers? Well, you usually know who did the crime which, while taking that part of the mystery away, leaves Lucas Davenport in a battle to gain evidence and prove who committed the murder. If you’re a big fan of Columbo - and who isn’t - then you get Davenport, a lot of action, a great cast of characters, and another novel which is a thriller to the very end. 

           The book opens with another murder, this time a wealth society woman and her maid. Davenport is called investigate the murder while he is on another case. A Republican state senator is having an affair with an underage girl. Somehow the two cases connect even though Davenport has no evidence or clues as to who killed the society woman and her maid. 

          For me, being that I am behind in the novels, I am introduced to Virgil Flowers for the first time. He seems to be different from the other characters in the book and we get a good sense of who he is when he talks about his time in the 60’s. 

           As usual, all the characters are quirky, but what I liked best was Davenport. Not that his stories are like Dirty Harry movies but when Davenport is described by Sanford, you get the feeling that that’s who he is talking about. In any case, what you get is Dirty Harry investigating murders which makes the book more fun with a great ending. Always happy to say that any of the Prey books are great reads and one isn’t better than the other. All of them are five stars. 

Ron Hummer 

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