Monday, April 14, 2014

Daybreak by Viktor Amar Ingolfsson Nordic Crime Book Review

         Here we are again with another book about a serial killer stalking goose hunters in Iceland.  In any case, it’s up to two detectives to track him down - Gunnar and Birkir.  

         The story didn’t seem to start out that way which was a surprise to me.  Then when other hunters were killed, it still seemed to me that there was going to be an explanation.  

          As the story and the plot built, I would say that there wasn’t a lot of tension for me.  When the detectives were trying to answer the various quizzes that the killer gave them, my interest was fading even more.  Usually, I don’t quit on a book and I was interested to see what was going to happen.  

          I have to admit that that was when the story really built up for me, especially at the end.  I think that as a writer, if you’re able to build the mystery up and create a unique type of story that justifies the end, then you did your job as a writer.  I really have to give Viktor Arnar Ingolfsson credit for doing this.  

          I was more than surprised on how he built the story up.  It really sneaks up on you and I liked the way he did it.  The story had great characters and the ending will be a memorable one for me.  

          There were some things left in the air so I wonder if that will be in the next book.  It seems like this can be a great series that I will keep up with. 

           I thought by the time this story would be over, I would only give this book three stars.  Now that I have finished it, I will give it four stars.  I would have given it five if there was a little more suspense in the story.  I thought that could have been done but I enjoyed the book enough to say that I would like to continue to read more books by Viktor Amar Ingolfsson.  

Ron Hummer

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