Friday, April 11, 2014

Stolen - Movie Review

          So, in this movie, Nicholas Cage is a thief.  He’s about to rob a bank along with two other people.  The police seem like they’re close but clearly, they are very far away. 

           It seems like the perfect crime.  Cage and the crew are about to get away with the money when his partner sees a homeless man and the man sees him.  The partner wants to kill the homeless man but Cage said no, no one gets killed during this robbery. 

            Of course, the cops have enough time to catch Cage in the act.  His driver and partner desert him.  There is a big car chase where they go through a garage where Cage is cornered.  So he gives up and no one knows where the money is.  Except Cage, that is.  He may have burned the money.  

            Once Cage is out of jail, his partner wants to know where the money is.  Since he doesn’t get any answers, he decides to kidnap Cage’s daughter.  From there, you guessed it, Cage said that he will rob another bank and have the money for his former partner.  

             Call the movie predictable.  Not exactly the caliber of a movie that I have seen Nicholas Cage in over the years.  He made a lot of great movies.  Next.  National Treasure.  8mm.  FaceOff.  And of course, The Rock.  

              Sure, this movie had a lot of action and there was a lot of great tension with a plot between Cage and his former partner.  In the end, it doesn’t measure up to the movies he had been in in the past.  

               Yes, you can say that Cage has been in a lot of great movies such as 8mm, Snake Eyes, Con Air, and Face Off, and Next.  Those were the days when he was in a five star movie.  Now, I think it’s fair to give this movie three stars.  

Ron Hummer

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