Saturday, April 12, 2014

Jack Reacher Movie - Movie Review

      This movie was adapted from Lee Child’s book One Shot.  From what I recall, the movie didn’t deviate until the final scenes at the end.  

       The movie, like the book, begins when a man has a sniper rifle and shoots several people at random.  All of them are killed and the man drives off.  It’s a tough scene to watch considering all the headlines and news out there on this subject.  

        The police arrive at the scene and after getting a fingerprint off a coin, they have a suspect named James Barr, a former US Army Sniper.   The police raid his house and find all the equipment for making the bullets for the gun while he is asleep in bed.  

        During the interrogation, Barr asks for Jack Reacher by writing his name on a notepad.   Afterwards, Barr is brutally beaten in jail.  Reacher arrives on the scene after seeing a report about the shooting. 

         The plot thickens because Reacher believes that Barr committed the crime since he did the same thing a few years ago.  Yet when he investigates the crime scene, he feels that Barr did not do it because he could have chosen another place to park his van and start the shooting spree.  

          Instead, the story becomes a murder mystery because Reacher believes that many of the people that were killed to cover up the killing of one person.  As the investigation continues, people are trying to stop his investigation, leading to an exciting ending. 

          As far as the book was concerned, I liked Running Blind more than One Shot but I would say that the movie adaptation was much better because of the fight scenes at the end.  The action was fast paced and more exciting than the book.  

          Like the Mission Impossible movies, Cruse was at his best.  Like the book, the movie moved at a fast pace and even though I remembered most of the book, I was still on the edge of my seat.  I would give the movie five stars.  

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