Thursday, April 10, 2014

Headhunters - DVD Review Foreign Movie

         Headhunters is a book by Jo Nesbo that was adopted for this movie.   Nesbo is the author of the Harry Hole series but even though this is a stand alone movie, it shows Nesbo at his best.  

          Roger Brown is an executive headhunter who finds ways to lure executives from the home so he can start his second job: being a thief.  Once he determines that his client has a painting, Brown will go after it while his client is away from their home and replace it with a forgery.  

           He meets his newest client through his wife.  During his conversations with Clas, he learns that he has a valuable paint that goes back to the Germans and World War II.  What he doesn’t know that there is a lot more to Claus that meets the eye.  

           The characters in the movie are very quirky, along with the story lines, from Brown’s partner in crime who has a Russian prostitute for a girlfriend to a woman that Brown is having an affair with.  Brown’s wife is a tall blond and the reason he has doubts about his marriage is because his wife wants children and he doesn’t.  It all blends together for a thrilling ride throughout the movie. 

           There are lots of ways that Nesbo will build the tension from there.  Brown finds his wife’s cell phone on Clas’s bed.  Then he finds that his partner was nearly poisoned by someone after he steals the painting.  If that isn’t enough, Brown will be on the run for his life as he is being chased by someone who wants the painting back.  Yet there is a bigger story behind all this at the end. 

            Headhunters is not for the faint hearted at times.  There were several scenes where I turned away from the movie.  Some people would have turned it off.  I could have been one of them but I had to watch just to see how the movie would end.  Once I got by those scenes, I was on the edge of my seat until the movie ended.  There were a lot of surprises that built this up to a great ending. 

            Nesbo shows that he is talented.  The scenes that were too brutal for me made me turn away but I enjoyed the movie enough that I would give it four stars.  

Ron Hummer

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