Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Snowbound by Blake Crouch - Book Review

         What can you say about a psychological thriller that your could not put down and finish in 3 days? I guess in my case, that book would be SnowBound by Blake Crouch. 

         Will Innis is a happy man until one night when his wife, Rachel, calls him and says that she will be home late. She never comes home. 

         Will reports this to the police and they investigate. We know already in the book that Rachel has been taken and the police confirm this. In addition, they accuse Will of being a part of this or possibly murdering his wife. 
Will’s reaction is to take his daughter and disappear. Not sure I liked that as part of the story. I just couldn’t buy it. It’s not like the police have any proof or that Will was going to jail. I understand that Devlin is 11 and has cystic fibrosis but I still couldn’t buy it. 

          That part nagged at me but I kept reading. Five years later, Will runs into an FBI agent named Kalyn Sharp. She has information on where his wife may be because her sister was abducted several years ago and she thinks it’s the same group that’s done it. 

            From there, the story because a spine tingling chase as Kalyn and Will and his daughter, Devlin, go out of their way to track down the people who abducted them. It’s not a predictable chase. It seems like there are hundreds of obstacles in the way but somehow, the chase continues. 

            What follows after that is high-octane action and even more surprises. This is a tremendous book and I could not put it down for two days. Even when you think it’s over, it’s not over. At the end is an even more surprising ending. 
For me, it’s a memorable book with a lot of characters that pop off the page. Blake Crouch is a terrific writer and he has developed a great plot along with characters that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the novel. 

              This was a great recommendation from someone at GoodReads. Even with the slight fault in the story, I can put it behind me and give this book 5 stars. Just remember, don’t expect to put this book down once you start. 

Ron Hummer

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