Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Blacklist - TV Review

          If I had to say what is the best new show this season, I would say that it would be the Blacklist with James Spader.  Most of the episodes have been filled with tension and I like the plot of Spader playing the anti-hero in order to get rid of dangerous criminals and terrorists.  Not knowing whether or not to trust Raymond Reddington only adds to the mystery, along with the fact that Raymond only trusts Elizabeth Keen and will only work with her. 

            My favorite episode was Wujing.  That episode matched with the theme of terrorists when Elizabeth Keen saved an architect who was being attacked by Wujing’s men.  The battle would include a martial arts scene with one of the other agents that kept me on the edge of my seat. 

            The Stewman and The Courier episodes seemed like an attempt at using criminals that you would see in the TV show, Criminal Minds.  Yes, this is a popular show on CBS but I stopped watching it during the middle of the second season.  I found the show to be disturbing and seeing the Stewman only made me feel like I was watching Criminal Minds all over again.  

              Then there was The Courier.  He’s involved in a kidnapping plot where his victim is buried in a coffin.  It was hard for me to buy into these two episodes since these types of criminals didn’t match up to what the show promised.  I noticed during the Stewman Episode that Raymond has some sort of grudge against the Stewman.  Since there was a storyline towards the end of that episode. 

               The latest episode seemed to move away from that and you got to see the connection with Elizabeth’s husband along with the person who interviewed him.  The storyline is developing nicely but the only character that seems memorable so far is Raymond Reddington.  

               In the end, even though Reddington is the anti-hero, the story line goes can you trust Raymond Reddington.  Should be interesting to find out in the season finale.  

                So far, I have to give this show five stars.  Hope it stays on NBC for a while. 

Ron Hummer

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