Monday, April 21, 2014

Brake - DVD Review

         The synopsis of the movie seemed exciting.  A secret service agent is locked in the trunk of a car while the driver is planning a terrorist attack.   What I didn’t expect was that Stephen Dorf, who plays Jeremy Reins, is locked in a box in a trunk for the entire movie.  

          I can’t understand how Hollywood manages it.  Yes, there was a movie called Phone Booth where the entire movie takes place in a phone booth.  The only good thing about that movie was that you saw other people in the movie as well.  

        In this case, what we know is that Jeremy Reins is a secret service agent and he knows where the President’s bunker’s location is.  The terrorists want the location and Jeremy is not going to give it up.  This is the reason that Jeremy is locked in a box that has a clock that counts down since the box is built like a bomb. 

        While the movie is not brutal, there is one scene where bees are sent into the trunk in order to make Jeremy talk.  Of course, Jeremy is allergic to bees and he goes into epileptic shock.  Later, he is revived when the terrorist gives him a shot.  

         Even though Jeremy is locked in the box, he is able to communicate with other people.  In the beginning, he had a CB radio and he’s able to talk with a diplomat who is also in a box as well.  He begs Jeremy to give the terrorists the location of the bunker but Reins refuses, not sure if he can trust him.  

         Later, Reins is able to get a phone and the terrorists warn him that they will kidnap his wife if he doesn’t cooperate.  Again, Jeremy refuses to give up the location even when his wife is kidnapped and locked in a box as well.  

         I couldn’t help but be on the edge of my seat throughout the movie.  Jeremy could here the news and he heard that there was a terrorist attack and that car bombs were going off.  The plot continued to be a game of the terrorists asking for the location of the bunker and Jeremy refusing to give the location. 

         I would say that the ending was more than a disappointment.  While it was completely unexpected, it seemed out of place and more than unbelievable.  And while there was a twist at the end, it didn’t matter at that point to me because that only made the ending even worse if that was possible. 

          I’m not sure I liked the concept of seeing a movie about a man trapped in a trunk.  While it was exciting, my feeling was that the ending was so bad that I would have preferred that Reins stayed in the box in the trunk.   The movie had it’s moments though and that’s the reason I’ll give it three stars.  

Ron Hummer 

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