Saturday, April 26, 2014

Argo - DVD Review

      Well, I was glad to see Argo win the best picture at the Oscar’s.  Not that I watched it.  I still can’t believe that they nominated American Beauty to be the best picture in 2000.  

       Anyway, there was some pretty tough competition.  Zero Dark 30.  Silver Linings Playbook.  Lincoln.  And of course, The Expendables 2.  Only kidding on the last one.  I did enjoy that movie as well though. 

        I was in college when the hostage crisis happened.  I still remember following the news, seeing the protests, wondering what was going to happen next.  Then there was the helicopter rescue attempt that failed miserably.  

        I knew about that rescue attempt when it happened but didn’t know the details.  I thought that the most chilling part that I saw about the movie was seeing the children putting the shredded documents back together so they could identify the missing people from the embassy.  

         You can’t come up with a better plot for this movie.  Rescuing these people by saying that you’re going to have a science fiction movie filmed in the area and the missing people worked on the set.  

          Of course, it was based on a true story and that made the plot even better.  Would the people get their parts right?  Would the soldiers catch them before they get to the airport?  Would they catch them before they get on the plane. 

          Then there was the biggest question.  Would the mission even take off?  Was the play too risky?  

          If you saw the movie, you know the answers to those questions.  If you didn’t, go see the movie on cable TV.  It’s a great one.  See if you feel like cheering at the end. 

          Hats off to Tony Mendez for creating this plan and executing it even under the worst circumstances.  He was the real hero that day.  I’’m glad that I saw the movie and got the chance to experience it.  

Ron Hummer

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