Friday, April 4, 2014

Last Man Standing - Comedy Review

        Since we live in the world of ratings when it comes to TV shows, it becomes hard to enjoy a new television show whether it’s a comedy or a drama.  Once the ratings sets in, then the show is either off the air after the first season or it can go on for more seasons and be a hit. 

        As far as Last Man Standing is concerned, it was at one time my favorite comedies on ABC.  Tim Allen has some great lines in the show and it was fun to see him do his video blog, talking about any problems that his family members were having.   You can laugh about it after the show is over. 

        Unfortunately, it seems to me that even though I’m behind by a couple of episodes, this show has taken a drastic change in their scripts.  Every week, I get the feeling that they fired the people who actually wrote good comedy skits for this show and replaced them with the newscasters from Fox News.  

         It really is annoying to turn on this show and see Tim Allen constantly go on and on about how great the Republicans are and talk about how much he doesn’t like ObamaCare.  Yes, I know that Fox News likes to say that they have the highest ratings because all they do every night is say the words I don’t like ObamaCare, I don’t like ObamaCare, and I don’t like the President.   I’m sure that this is done for nearly 24 hours a day now.  

         If I ran into Tim Allen, then this is what I would say to him.  I’m a registered Republican who has ill feelings about this party simply because they have not presented ideas that will help people like me in the working class.  As a result, I don’t find the Obama jokes funny and it seems to me that all you want to do is think they are funny because these are the ideas you take from Fox News.   In the end, don't call me a Democrat since I'm not a fan of that party as well.  

         Putting aside politics, the last thing I want to do when I get home is to watch a show that spouts political views about how bad the Democrats are and how wonderful the Republicans are.   It’s not realistic and if people want to watch that, then go to Fox News because you’ll get that every single night for 24 hours.   How smart is it for this show to even go in this direction considering the fact that Barack Obama has won two elections now against candidates who should have never run for President in the first place.   Is there a chance that this show will help a Republican Candidate win the election in 2016? 

           You can’t even say that the show is funny since the Republicans don’t seem to show any progress in moving their party forward to show people that they have any ideas in how to deal with the problems that this country is having.  If you look to a show that had this concept and made it funny, it was All In the Family when Archie was the one looking like the fool with his politics since this was done when Nixon was President.  It would be realistic to me if Allen would look like the fool as well since the Republicans were no different at that time than they are right now.  

            It’s a shame when I see other shows coming out like Brooklyn 99 and more recently, Enlistment.  Yes, here are two great comedies that go for the idea which other comedies go for - helping people to escape the stress of another day of work so we can have a good laugh.  The sad part is that Brooklyn 99 will probably be cancelled and the same thing may happen to Enlistment even though they have one of the most talented actors as the lead in this show - Geoff Stults, who was in a great show on Fox that was cancelled called The Finder. 

             I don’t go around checking the ratings of TV shows.  As far as I’m concerned, if Last Man Standing continues on the path of Fox news, then they can move on without me watching the show.  I’m sure that other people will feel the same way as well and the show will be cancelled but Fox News and the Republicans will just say that it wasn’t their fault.   

Ron Hummer

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