Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Sweeney - DVD Review

          This movie was adapted from the television series by the same name.  I never saw the series but after seeing this movie, I would strongly consider watching it.  

           The plot behind this movie.  Jack Regan, leader of the Sweeney’s, along with George Carter and the rest of the crew, fight crime and get the job done by any means possible.   In the opening scene, The Sweeney’s break up a robbery at a warehouse and Jack gives his informant some of the gold bars.  During the bust, The Sweeney’s use baseball bats and other weapons to stop the robbery as well. 

            The plot thickens when Ivan Lewis from Internal affairs starts to investigate Jack because he feels that the Sweeney’s are using excessive force in stopping the robberies.  What he doesn’t know is that Jack is sleeping with his wife, who is part of the Sweeney’s.  

             From there, Jack gets a tip of another robbery which is a jewel heist.  There is a known Serbian criminal who is involved in it and kills one of the people before he leaves.  Jack would find out that one of the other criminals is a long time adversary of his as well. 

              I thought it was strange that the wife of the director of the Internal Affairs was in the Sweeney’s.  That seemed like a flaw to me but I went with it.  There was a lot of action and suspense in chasing down the criminals who robbed the jewelry store and a few surprises along the way.  

               Regan and Carter were great in leading the Sweeney’s through this.  I really enjoyed the movie and would give it five stars very easily. 

Ron Hummer

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