Thursday, April 24, 2014

SPY - BBC TV Show Comedy Review

       If you think about the plot of the TV show Spy, you would think that this is absurd but in the end, all it shows is that the BBC just has a knack of creating great original comedies.   

      In Spy, Tim Elliot works in an electronics store.  He’s divorced, with a son that is 10 years old.  One day he has an epiphany and decides to quit his job without having another one so he can start his new life. 

      Tim would go to an employment agency and they would have an opening for him working in the government in civil service.  All he would need to do is pass a test.  Tim, being the buffoon that he is, walks in the wrong room to take the test.  So, instead of taking the test to work in the civil service, he takes a test to work at MI5, the British Secret Service.  

       Tim makes quite an impression at the test, knocking his chair and desk over, then showing everyone in the room that he has toy soldiers in his suitcase.  Somehow, he finishes the test faster than everyone else and to his surprise the next day, he is told that he will be working for MI5.  Of course, Tim says that he can’t take the job but The Examiner, who is head of MI5, insists, saying that it would be an embarrassment to the agency if he didn’t take the job. 

         If that isn’t enough, Tim is seeing a marriage counselor with his son, his ex-wife, and her new boyfriend.  The son wants to live with his mother but Tim is determined to win him over.  In the meantime, the marriage counselor has a crush on Tim and is stalking him in several scenes during the show. 

         In one episode, Tim is learning to hack into computers.  His project will be to hack into the computer at his son’s school so he can change all his grades from A’s to C’s.  Tim’s friend from the electronics store will find his textbook and learn how to hack into the computers at banks.  Of course, he will go on a shopping spree with all the money he is making. 

          In another episode, Tim nearly kills a homeless man during a training exercise and eventually saves his live.  Once Tim is on TV as a hero for doing this, The Examiner at MI5 says that Tim has to kill the homeless man so he won’t learn Tim’s true identity and they will send in someone to clean everything up. 

          All this in just the first three episodes.  I’m really enjoying this show and happy that it’s in its third season.  As far as I’m concerned, it deserves five stars. 

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