Sunday, April 27, 2014

The President's Man - DVD Review

         This was a TV movie that was part of a series in early 2000.   Since Vince Flynn’s first book, Term Limits, came out in 1998, I would guess that this was Hollywood’s attempt to start a similiar series with Chuck Norris playing the lead part as Joshua McCord.  

         I remember that Norris was interviewed about this series and said that he did it because he wanted people to be aware of a possible terrorist attack.  Of course, no one thinks of the 1996 movie Executive Decision with Hale Berry and Kurt Russell where a group of terrorists would take a passenger plane and try to crash it into the White House.  

         If there was one thing you could say about this movie, it was that it had a lot of storylines.  In this case, McCord was on his last mission as the President’s man and he stopped the kidnapping of the President’s wife.  Now he’s looking for a new man to take over for him.  

         That man would be Sargent Deke Slater.  He had his own problems such as being in jail in the army for problems that he seemed to be set up for.  McCord felt that he was the best man to take over and soon, Slater was training with McCord to be on future missions.  

         There were at least three missions after a huge training program.  Slater would go on various missions that included getting a business man’s daughter away from a religious cult.  Then of course there was the most important mission that came out during the story.   It would be where McCord would square off against General Vinh Tran, the man who killed McCord’s wife. 

          The movie moved along from mission to mission, making you wonder if Slater can get though each mission, along with the training.  It seemed predictable that he would be questioning his own abilities, but in the end, it was only predictable that he would be successful in completing the training and the missions.  

           Since the movie was predictable and anti climatic, it’s hard to give the movie more than three stars.  There was a lot of action and martial arts scenes that still bring up the movie to three stars in the first place.  

Ron Hummer

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