Monday, April 7, 2014

The Hangover 3 - DVD Review

       When I saw Hangover 3, my first thought was why am I watching this stupidity?  There must be something better that I could be watching.  I mean, killing a giraffe in the opening scene was awful but for Bradley Cooper’s character to say it’s a giraffe, so what.  It should have been the point when I took the DVD out of the recorder. 

      Instead, I watched the rest and while it wasn’t downhill from there, it certainly did not get any better.  Unlike the other two Hangover movies, there were no real over the top scenes like the guys stealing Mike Tyson’s Tiger.  No one was lost or left behind.        

      What we have was a plot where John Goodman wants the guys to track down Mr. Chow because he stole a lot of gold from him.  If they don’t get it back, then he’ll kill Stu.  On the surface, that seems exciting as the guys track down Chow but even that doesn’t see hard for the guys to do. 

       If that isn’t enough, we have Cassie, who is played by Melissa McCarthy, in a dumb role where she is interested in being with Alan.   Usually in movies, you would think that this would be important as to maybe the plot of the movie but nothing really develops and in the end.  It was left to your imagination if they would be together but it’s not as though anyone would really care about this. 

       For what little tension there was, you would think that when the guys reported to Goodman that they found Chow, he would turn his jet around and be there when they captured him.  Instead, Goodman tells the boys that they’re on their own and that they have to bring Chow to him or else their friend dies.    One would think that that wouldn’t be in Goodman’s best interests considering that the guys could lose him and he would never get his gold back.   

        Of course, the movie had to be written a certain way in order to make the end work.   It was an anti-climatic ending not leading to anything more than the feeling that the movie is over with and we probably won’t see a Hangover 4.  Thank God.  

        If anything, Hangover 3 just seemed to be made in an attempt to milk this series for more money and even the actors just seemed to go through the motions.  As far as I’m concerned, this was an awful movie and was worth one star, while the other two Hangover movies were worth three stars.  

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