Friday, July 18, 2014

The Breach by Patrick Lee - Book Review

          I guess you could say that on one hand, The Breach is an action-packed novel with Travis Chase playing the lead character and hero like you would see from other writers like Barry Eisler, Lee Child, and Brad Thor.  The difference here that this is more of a Science Fiction blend since there is an object called The Whisper that controls peoples mind.  

          The story is off to a great start.  Travis Chase sees a plane with dead bodies inside.  One of the bodies is the President’s wife.  Evidently, there is a group of people out to find The Whisper and it’s up to Patrick to find this first.

           While the first 60 or so pages of the story did have a great beginning filled with action and suspense, the middle of the story slowed down.  It didn’t help that there were flashbacks to Travis’s past that included how he was in jail in the first place.  The conflict of how he went to jail and what happened to his wife was a good build up but again, there wasn’t that much suspense that led up to it. 

            For me, I think the biggest reason for the lack of suspense was the main character, Travis Chase.   This is the kind of story where people like me would compare Travis Chase with characters like John Rain, Lee Child, and Barry Eisler.  Travis doesn’t have the charisma that drives this story home for me.  If you need a better example, I would say look to the Die Hard movies with Bruce WIllis.  

             There was a chance of romance Paige Campbell, a survivor of the crash.   To me, that fell flat.  It could have made the book stronger for me, especially with Travis being involved in battles with the people who wanted the whisper.  One reader on kindle thought that Paige was a femme fatale.  I didn’t see that.  

               While this book got a lot of five star ratings on Kindle, I have to agree with what was said on the three star ratings.  The characters weren’t developed well.  One person even said that they seemed like cardboard cutouts.  Have to agree with that and give this book three stars as well.  

Ron Hummer

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