Wednesday, July 2, 2014

In The Blood - DVD Review

          Gina Carano is back in In The Blood, playing Ava, a woman that is marrying a rich business man named Derek Grant.   During their honeymoon, Grant disappears after taking a huge fall and breaking his leg.  It’s up to Ava to find out what happened to him since she is a suspect in his disappearance because she can inherit his money since he may have been killed. 

          Carano, the former kickboxing star, brings plenty of action and suspense from start to finish from the moment she is on the island with her husband.  She seems unstoppable in the beginning when she is hit on by Big Biz, who is played by Danny Trejo.  Trejo, who would not leave her alone, gets himself a few bruises from Carano when she attacks him and several people in the bar when they go after her. 

          The movie has a lot of suspense as we wonder if Derek is alive or dead throughout the movie.  Ava has to go into some dangerous parts of the Caribbean in order to find her husband and you had to wonder if she was going to survive.  It’s not a predictable movie like you would see with Sly Stallone since the police seemed to be just as corrupt as the rest of the people are on the island as well.  

           There are a lot of surprises in the movie which make it unpredictable from start to finish.  Carano is kicking ass and asking questions, trying to find the answers to her husband’s disappearance with each clue leading nowhere until she gets all the answers in the end.  

            By the time we have the answers, the movie continues to keep going somehow with more non-stop action as Ava has to do whatever she can to get out of the problems that she is in and get home safely.  By the time the movie is over, I only wondered how she managed to resolve all her problems.  

            If you’re into action and suspense and lots of martial arts scenes, then I would have to say that Carano is at her best, making this movie much better than Haywire.  I have to say that this is worth more than five stars. 

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