Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sons Of Anarchy - TV Review

         It came to my attention last night that this is the last season of Son’s of Anarchy.  I realize that there are a lot fans that are disappointed.  I am not one of those fans.  

         At one time, I thought this was a great show.  To me, it was one of the best shows on FX.   The most memorable part of the show for me will be when the Son’s of Anarchy battled the Neo Nazi’s and won.  

         Of course, the plot only got better when you saw Jax and Clay vying for leadership in the gang, although Jax was only doing it to get rid of Clay since he was a bad influence on the club to say the least.  They were the anti-heroes that you rooted for when the cops seemed to close in on them yet somehow they got away.  

          Unfortunately,  the producer of this show thought that he could do anything and that was why he had a season opener where we saw one gang member urinating on other people.  Then there was the scene where one of the Sons dumped someone in a tub of urine.  I asked myself why I was continuing to even watch this garbage now.  

            Then there was the big scene.   We didn’t actually see it but there it was.  A child going into a church and shooting people.  Beyond irresponsible especially after all the tragic shootings we had in this country.  Yet here was FX, putting all these appalling scenes on their season premier.  I couldn’t take it anymore so I turned off the show, vowing never to watch it again.  

              What was worse was seeing Brent Bozell and his group criticizing the show over this.  Of course he was right, and the last thing we need on television is to have TV shows censored by people like Brent Bozell but when the director of Son’s of Anarchy puts out appalling and irresponsible ideas on his show, then it does bring us one step closer to censorship.  

              I hope that a lot of people stopped watching this show like I did.  Most of all, I hope that the director of Son’s of Anarchy does not get the opportunity to do another show again.  I would not watch it if he did.  

              Goodbye Sons Of Anarchy.  And good riddance.  

Ron Hummer 

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