Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Logan's War: Bound By Honor

           This was a Chuck Norris TV movie back in 1998.   You could say that the plot of the movie is disturbing since it’s based on an 8 year old child that witnesses the murder of his entire family by a group of mobsters.  

           Logan Farrell is the only one that survivied this attack from Albert Talgorno’s mobsters.  Talgorno wanted Farell’s family killed because Logan’s father was a DA and he wanted to put Talgorno and his mobsters in jail.  

            Farrell’s uncle is Jake Fallon, who is played by Chuck Norris.  Farrell makes a vow to Jake that he will avenge his father’s death by killing Talgorno when he gets older.  He’ll dedicate his entire life to achieve his revenge.  

             At first, Jake is reluctant but he’ll be the one training Logan in the martial arts.  The movie is fragmented as well since Logan will spend time in in the army rescuing an officer in one of his missions.  

            The movie continues to move from Farrell growing up from 8 years old, all the way to the army, then going back to Chicago with a plan to inflitrate Talgorno’s mob.  Once again, there is another subplot with Logan helping a mother and son who are being abused by their stepfather.  

            If you think that would make the plot more convulted, then I would agree with that even though the movie wasn’t hard to follow.  It does take away from the movie since there are diffent story lines that seem thrown into the movie just to make it an houre and 30 minutes.  

            One of the other surprises in the move is that Chuck Norris isn’t playing the huge role that he would have in a movie like this although you’ll see him towards the end in martial arts scenes that would overshadow Logan’s character, who is played by Eddie Cibrian.  

             Cibrian would never make it out of TV series in upcoming roles after this movie.  Even though the movie was predictable, I would still give it four stars.  

Ron Hummer 

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