Saturday, July 26, 2014

House Of Cards - Netflix TV Series

         I guess that when a TV series is produced, there are a lot of factors that go into it.  If you have a good plot that keeps the viewer watching along with some great characters, then you have a good series that will keep people interested. 

        Unfortunately, there are some writers and producers who may lose confidence in what they’re doing and feel that then need to add some shock value to the story.  As a result, it probably makes the TV show much worse and people like me become frustrated that the writer pushed me away.  

        In House Of Cards, the drama had a intriguing character named Francis Underwood, who is played by Kevin Spacey, a Senator who will eventually become Vice President of the United States.  His demeanor and his actions seem off beat for a Democrat.  My first thought was that he would be better as a Republican.  

         In the first season, he managed to get an education bill passed by getting one of the members of the teachers union to start a fight with him.  Later, in the finale of the first season, Francis would murder a state senator and make it look like a suicide.  

          By the time the second season has begun, a reporter that Francis has had an affair with seems to be closing in on him with proof that he murdered the Senator.  His response.  He would throw her on to the tracks of a train that would run her down.  

          There were things that I did not like about this show.  One would be when Francis would kill a dog to put it out of it’s misery after it was hit by a car.  Then, later on in the second season, we would see another character named Raymond Tusk, kill a bird with his bare hand.  Being that I have a cat, I’m not comfortable seeing this since there are so many stories that we hear about regarding animals being abused.  

           There were some other good points to this series.  Seeing how reporters operated on their own with the internet seemed very interesting.  Francis being at odds with Tusk and the President made for some good conflicts as well.  Then there were other memorable characters such as Francis’s wife having her affair and being raped by a officer in the military as part of her past.  

            I could go on and on and would even say that the writer and producer of this show was on to something.  I found this series gripping and couldn’t wait to see the end until I got to Episode 24.  

            Towards the end of this episode, you would see Francis, his wife, and his bodyguard, in the beginning of a three way with all three of them kissing each other.  It took less than five seconds for me to grab the remote and shut off the show, shaking my head, saying “come one, this is ridiculous.”  

             In a nutshell, that is me canceling this show.  Writers and producers have to learn that you can only take a viewer like me so far.  Once you go too far and cross a line, then that’s when I walk away and felt that the whole series was a waste of time for me to watch.  

              No stars for House Of Cards.  Just another TV show that was a huge disappointment.  

Ron Hummer 

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