Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Six Years by Harlan Coben

         Six years represents the time that from which Professor Jake Fisher made a promise to his girlfriend Natalie to leave her alone.  At that time, he attened her wedding of the woman he loved and agreed never to see her again.  

         It was six years later that Jake found out that Natalie’s husband passed away.  Jake decides to attend his funeral only to find out that the woman that was supposed to be Todd’s wife is not Natalie and that Todd was murdered.  Suddenly, the Professor is on course to finding out what happened.  

         Six years is a great psychological thriller where Coben is at his best.  The story moves along at a very fast pace with a lot of action and suspense as Jake tries to track down Natalie only to find out that there are other people that are after her as well.   If that isn’t enough, there are other people warning Jake to drop his seach, leaving Jake with no one to trust.

         The plot moves along at a great place and you never know which direction it’s going to take as a result.  With each obstacle that Fisher had to overcome, he moves along with his search, fighing everyone he could from his close friends to people in Natalie’s family.   All this led to a surprising ending as Fischer drew closer to finding Natalie.  

          You could also say that Coben has created some complex characters, including some visious and sadistic ones that made the story chilling at times like one of my favorite writers, Gregg Hurwitz.   What really made the book build with more suspense was that Jake was in this for himself.  There would be no one that would help in in his quest to find Natalie.  

           You can’t go wrong with a Harlan Coben book . I’m surprised that anyone could give Six Years a bad review.  I’m happy to give it more than five stars and say that it’s one of the best books I’ve read this year.  

Ron Hummer 

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