Friday, July 18, 2014

Non-Stop - DVD Review

           Liam Neeson is back as Bill Marks, an Air Marshall who seems to have problems since he’s an alcoholic that was brought on by his daughter’s death, is on a plane with a passenger who has texted a threat to him.   He wants $150 million dollars transferred to an offshore account or he will kill a passenger every 20 minutes.  

           The move is a great psychological thriller with the mystery of Neeson trying to find who the killer is before all the passengers are killed.  He’s not getting any help from the crew or his boss because they don’t trust him due to his past.  If anything, the killer is making it look as though Marks is on the plot to kill passengers.  

            What makes it tougher for Marks is to find the killer.  Everyone has a cell phone and it’s hard to figure out who is sending him all the texts as he’s trying to find the killer.  The suspense only builds since each death is more elaborate than the last one.  Marks’s gruff behavior of getting the passengers to listen keeps the movie moving as well.  

             I thought at one point that the movie had at least one flaw.  When there is the threat of an explosion on the plane, the solution seemed to put as many bags as possible on top of the bomb so it wouldn’t explode.  I couldn’t buy into this at all as the plot moved along.  It would have better to go in a different direction than that since it wasn’t believable.  

             With the flaw, the movie still had a lot of good moments.  I like the way Marks’s character blended with other characters such as Jen Summers, who was played by Julienne Moore.  Moore’s performance was great since she was a broken character that added more suspense to the movie as  well.  

             Neeson was great in the lead role like he was in the Taken movies.  It was a different character for him and he did a great job.  In some ways, I felt that he was back in those movies again in character - especially with the martial arts scenes - but in any case, he did a great job.   

             With the flaw on the explosion on the plane, I would still give the movie four stars since it did leave me on the edge of my seat throughout the movie.  

Ron Hummer 

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