Saturday, July 5, 2014

Laser Mission - DVD Review

         As a fan of Brandon Lee, I only managed to see his last three movies.  Of the three, I really enjoyed Rapid Fire and Little Showdown in Tokyo.  When I managed to find a bargain DVD box with had 10 movies for $4.99, I decided it to buy it, seeing that one of the movies was Laser Mission with Brandon Lee. 

         If there was a time to say that actors started off in movies that turned out to be a dud, I would give a giant dud to Laser Mission.  At the very least, I had hoped for some excellent martial arts scenes that Lee was famous for in Rapid Fire but that was a huge disappointment since many of the fight scenes were under two minutes.  

         The movie was about Lee playing Michael Gold, a CIA agent who has to track down a stole diamond that can be used in a laser cannon.  Ernest Borgnine plays a Russian Professor named Professor Braun, who has trouble speaking English.  Obviously, this was a really poor role for Borgnine and I had to wonder how he was even working after taking this movie in 1989.  

          Debi Monahan has a large role in this movie also as Alissa.  If you look at her credits, you would see that this was the only movie she was in and if you saw this movie, you would see why.  Her acting was beyond awkward for the role she was in, even when she had a few scenes when she was shooting people.  

           Beyond the two minute fight scenes and maybe one or two funny moments in this movie, I would say that since this was an action movie blended with comedy, the jokes were flat and the plot wasn’t believable.  

           A bigger surprise was the person who had a role in the soundtrack of this movie.  Yes, it was David Knopfler of Dire Straits.  The song, Mercenary Man, is not one of his best songs.  You might say that it was one of his worst.  You can play the track on You Tube and see some scenes from the movie as well. 

           After seeing the video on youtube, I’m sure that anyone would not waste their time renting this movie.  I can see why some movies never make it to HBO or Showtime or even Netflix instant.  It would be generous of me to give this movie one star

Ron Hummer 

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