Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Begin Again - Movie Review

          Mark Ruffalo plays Dan, a music executive who gets fired from the company that he owned.   After leaving the company, he goes out to a bar to get drunk and meets Gretta - who is played by Kiera Knightly - and sees her perform and wants to sign her to a deal.   Eventually, they would produce an album together on the streets of New York City.  

           This is the story of Begin Again, a character driven movie with music that reminds me of artists like Cheryl Crow and Jewel.  This is a great story with characters who are broken combined with great music which is great to listen to as the movie progresses.  

            Much of the movie involves the relationship with Gretta and flashbacks to her former boyfriend Dave, who is played by Adam Levine.    From there, the movie moves through the streets of New York where she is singing while Dave is making an album.  

             The beginning of the movie repeated three times from three different points of view.  I found that confusing but I went with it since there were some great performances by Knightly and Ruffalo.  I liked the relationship between them and Ruffalo’s antics of never having money to pay his bar tabs.  

             This wasn’t the kind of movie that had any suspense although I wondered if Gretta and Dave would get back together and what effect it would have on their album.  It was good since the romance wasn’t predictable and you never really knew how that would end.  

             I wondered if there was a message sent about this movie regarding the music industry since there was some hesitation by Gretta to have a record company back her on an album.  That’s what made the end of the movie more interesting for me. 

             Happy to say that there are great characters, great movie, and a great story with some funny moments.  Happy to give this movie five stars. 

Ron Hummer 


  1. If you've ever been infatuated with that one song, been at crossroads in life or felt lost on where to go next, Begin Again is the movie for you.

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