Monday, March 17, 2014

Safe - DVD Review

        In the beginning of Safe, the point of view switches between Mei, a math genius, and Jason Statham, who plays Luke Wright, an ex-cop and cage fighter.   Luke is supposed to lose a match that we never see and he wins instead, putting his opponent in the hospital.  Mei is leaving school when she is kidnapped by the triad gang.  They want to use her math skills to remember numbers so she can open safes for them.  

         In the meantime, Luke is going to have problems with the Russian Mafia since he didn’t lose the fight as planned.  They kill his wife and tell him that they will kill anyone that he comes in contact with.  Luke will go and live in a homeless shelter temporarily until they kill someone that he gives his shoes to.  

          Once they finally meet in the subway - after Luke considers jumping onto the tracks - Luke knows that he has to save Mei from the Russian Mob.  This is where all the action begins when Jason takes them on while he is on the subway. 

           The chase would continue throughout the city as the Russian Mob and the Triad all want Mei.  The other subplots are the corrupt cops who are there to help the highest bidder.  The mayor and his assistant are also controlling things for their own purposes.  Luke is in the middle of all the action as more shootouts occur at a restaurant. 

           If you’re a Jason Staham fan like I am, this is right up there with action scenes that you would see in the Transporter movies.  Of course, you’re checking your imagination at the door before going to see this movie but that’s the fun in seeing this for me.  The action is non-stop all the way to the end.  

           To me, Safe ranks up there as one of Statham’s best movies.  I’m happy to give it five stars.  

Ron Hummer

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