Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Accident - Movie Review Foreign Film

            There are plenty of movies about a hit man who is hired to kill someone.  But how about a group of people who who are contracted out to kill people and make the whole thing look like an accident.  

            In Accident, there is a group of four people who in fact create accidents in order to kill people for money.  As the movie opens, a business man is diverted to go down another street by a very attractive Asian woman, who is one of the people in this group.  Once he goes down this road, he manages to stop by a book store.  The awning falls on the car.  When he goes out to take the awning off his car, glass shatters and it falls on him, killing him slowly. 

            The tension mounts further when one of the members of the group, the Uncle of the leader, leaves a cigarette butt behind.  The Leader of the group, The Brain, picks up the cigarette so no evidence is left behind.  

             We learn later as the movie goes along that the Uncle has Alzheimer's disease and is taking pills for it.  The Brain seems to be thinking of his wife, who died in a car accident several years ago as well.  

             As the plot moves further, the team is hired again to take out a father who is wheelchair bound.  The team waits several nights before going through with their plan.  Once the plan goes through, one of the team members is killed and the question is whether someone else was hired to create that accident. The plot thickens when the Brain returns home only to find that his house has been robbed.  

             From there, the Brain feels that his only clue is the the person who hired his team for the last mission.   He is watching this man constantly and not trusting any of the people on his team as well.   

             All this leads to a very unexpected ending with several twists.  I guess my only question in the movie is who robbed The Brain?  

             The violence in this movie is not gratuitous.  This is one of the best foreign films that I have seen this year and I have to give this movie five stars.  

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